Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Calder next generation cases

I continue to plan a next generation of Calder cases - my plan is to move beyond the leather and carbon to a simpler case which is lighter and stronger - less dude and more roadie.

I've been doing some case consultancy work for the very smart people at Roli Labs in London and this has helped me shape my ideas as to direction Calder should take next.

I've nothing to show for this at the moment but will start to post more regularly as the new designs start to move from being in my head towards getting onto paper/CAD files.

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Latest Calder custom briefcase

For a US based client, a very elegant extra large briefcase in tan lined with red.


Calder cases early models sale on Ebay

For one week only: 4 early model Calder cases and prototypes for sale on eBay. Sales all end next Sunday 18th November.

Here is Strat case
Here is laptop case
Here is classical guitar case
Here is violin case

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

SALE of early model Calder cases

I have one-offs of early model electric guitar, laptop, classical guitar and violin cases that I am selling at a major discounts.
These are all in perfect condition and have mostly been in my studio and used for publicity shots.
They would make a great Christmas gift for yourself or someone special in your life.
Here are photographs, specifications and the special sale price.
if you are interested in buying sale items you can call +44 7779 320 823 or email design(at)calderoriginals.com

Case for Fender Stratocaster $2000 (original retail $4500). Dark grained exterior leather, hand painted silk velvet lining with cream calf leather interior trim. Stainless steel handle. Shipping to USA $150 approximately.

Standard Laptop Case $950 complete with optional custom suspension system for Apple 12 inch Powerbook G4. This is the first laptop cases we made, which comes with a suspension unit which can be removed at will. The case is a true prototype in that the lid does not have a carbon fiber internal sheet. 
Exterior grained brown leather, interior cream calf leather, stainless steel handle. 
Shipping to USA $60 approximately.

Classical guitar case $2200 (original retail $5000). Dimensions: lower bout 37.5 cm, upper bout 29cm, body length 47.5cm, overall length 99cm. Exterior Tanneries Haas Barenia leather - as used in cases made by Hermes, lining hand painted silk velvet with dark tan calf leather trim, stainless steel handle. Shipping to USA £160 approximately.

Violin case $1500 (original retail $3800).  Dark brown grained leather exterior, hand painted dark brown silk velvet interior with cream calf leather trim. 


Friday, April 13, 2012

Calder on Gilt.com

Today Calder have a prime position on the home page of Gilt.com - very good to see our cases alongside such world class brands as Paul Smith, Marc Jacobs and Tumi.

Gilt home Calder

Gilt Calder guitar tan


Calder giant custom suitcase

Over the past year we've been building a couple of very large - I mean really large - rolling suitcases for a client. Here are some shots of the work in progress.

Calder custom suitcase standing

Calder custom suitcase handle

Calder custom suitcase handle area


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Series 3 Calder guitar cases - first sketch

I'm working on a new design - a stripped version - smaller and simpler - probably using Cordura rather than leather. Here's first sketch

Calder guitar case series 3

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Abbey Road Studio 2, Shaun Keaveny & luthier Sam Walker

Shot in Studio 2 Abbey Road at The North American Guitar gig - BBC Radio 6 man Shaun Keveney talked to Wirebird guitars founder Sam Walker about how it all started.

And here's Shaun with one of Sam's most elegant creations.

Shaun Keaveny w Wirebird Tele

The North American Guitar at Abbey Road Studio 2

The North American Guitar is a new company set up to help people who want the very best hand built (really hand built) guitars find the very best luthiers. Best luthiers - not the most known luthiers. They work with people like Brent McElroy and Sam Walker.

This week they hosted an evening in the magical Studio 2 at Abbey Road Studios - it was a kind of guitar heaven - with some very good wine thrown in.

Here are some shots

Guitar Technique Neville Marten

guitar guys at Abbey Road

This old mike was very beautiful to see - as used during Beatles recordings

Classic mike at Abbey Road

And here's Neville Marten and Jason Sidwell from Guitar Techniques magazine playing some slick blues on a couple of Wirebird Tele's.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Violin case wabi sabi

I've written before about my enthusiasm for Wabi Sabi, the aesthetic of Zen Buddhism. Wabi Sabi is an expression of the transience of all things on this earth, and places objects that shows signs of age and use in high regard.

Here's a lovely old violin case that hit the button for me at Mondo Musica in Bologna last year. I hope my cases will end up looking as fine as this.

Old violin case