Saturday, January 01, 2000

Category: partners, friends and other helpful people

These are posts about the people who are working with me on the cases, and people who have helped and/or just been friendly.

May 05: Calder story Ch 3 Enter SuperhappyBunny. (2 Comments)
May 05: Calder story Ch 4 The LA experience. (1 Comment)
June 05: Coming soon designers' stories.
June 05: Calder Story Ch 11 New logo development.
June 05: Gus Guitars and Calder case. (1 Comment)
July 05: Places where they speak of guitars. [refers to guitar blogs] (2 Comments)
Sept 05: Calder story Ch 17 Summer update. [refers to several composite suppliers]
Sept 05: Cool Guys. (1 Comment)
Sept 05: Calder Story Ch 18 Carbon fiber Ultra [introducing Barry Noble].
Sep 06: Jane Blonder silk velvet queen.
Sep 06: Stig McDonald carbon fiber workshop
Oct 06: Joseph Clayton tanners of distinction.
Oct 06: Johan Ulvede master of leather.

Category: Calder Case Final Design Development

These posts describe the development of the final carbon fiber based design. I dropped the name Ultra as we extended the range to include cases for violins and laptops as well as acoustic, classical and electric guitars.

Dec 05: Calder Case Ch 24 Ultra - The Final Design.
Feb 06: Calder Case Ch 25 Work in Progress (Carbon Fiber).
Feb 06: Calder Case Ch 26 Ultra with skin.
Feb 02: Calder Case Ch 27 Bass Case Sketch
Feb 05: Calder Case Ch 27 Acoustic First Sketch.
Mar 05: Calder Case Ch 28 Ultra in Leather First Shot.
Mar 06: Calder Case Ch 29 Leather and Stainless Steel.
Mar 06: 3D model of Calder guitar case.
May 06: Calder guitar case on location. (2 Comments)
May 06: Calder guitar case silk velvet lining.
Jul 06: Summer 06 Guitar, violin and laptop case update. (8 Comments)
Sept 06: Pre-Production Shells for the full Calder range.
Oct 06: Calder violin case first leather outer fitted.
Oct 06: CAD images of the full Calder range. (2 Comments)
Oct 06: Violin case on location.
Oct 06: Classic guitar with Clayton leather outer.
Nov 06: Laptop case development.
Nov 06: Bulletin board threads, crumple zones and suspension systems (8 Comments).
Dec 06: Handle design new thoughts. (2 Comments)
Dec 06: Handle re-design CAD image. (4 Comments)

Category: Objects that Inspire


Category: Classical Guitar Case


Category: Thoughts on Design

These are posts that refer to the overall design of the cases and/or contain some of my ideas about design.

May 05: Guitar case design - do you want innovation? (4 Comments)
May 05: Authenticity in design.
May 05: Should guitar cases be as pretty as guitars ? (3 Comments)
May 05: What would make the perfect guitar case and gig bag ? (5 Comments)
May 05: Tech drawings - like the look? (2 Comments)
May 05: China vs USA is price the most important thing ? (5 Comments)
May 05: The Calder guitar case becomes controversial.
June 05: Comments please on a cleaner look.
June 05: Day in the life of a guitar case designer.
June 06: Gus guitars and the Calder guitar case. (2 Comments)
Sep 05: Simplicity in design.
Jan 07: Utility, simplicity, grace - inspirational objects.
Jan 07: More thoughts on design. (1 Comment)
Apr 07: Thoughts on minimalist design.