Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Work in progress: Sept-Dec 07

Over the last few month I've been busy tweaking details on the design of our cases:

- improving the bow holder on the violin case so the bow cannot slide from side to side.

- talking to tanners about different colours/finishes of leather that we might use.

- using ultrasound cutter to get an absolutely precise fit for the leather insert in the handles.

- designing custom made precision screws for the stainless steel handle plate.

- revisiting the design of the laptop suspension system so it takes less space.

I can see that for the next few months (or maybe years) there will a continual process of refining the design and construction of the cases. As well as my own quest for perfection feedback from users will play into these changes.

On the marketing side I've been busy talking to journalists and making trips to new markets.

The laptop cases have been written up by the very elegant Gatsby magazine as well as two Dutch magazines FemBusiness and Salome.

Here are shots of cases we've made recently.

W N violin uplength .jpg

W N red and brown side profile .jpg

W N red laptop open.jpg

W N red laptop cu stay .jpg

You can see the whole range on the main Calder website.

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