Monday, November 03, 2008

First custom Calders

A client has asked us to develop two custom designs - a rolling case and an extra deep briefcase
Here are some early sketches which show our first thoughts on how these might look.

The rolling case will be 105 x 70 x 20 cm, the wheels on the final design case will be larger than shown here.
As with all Calder cases the shell is carbon fiber with a zipped top grain leather exterior.

Custom wheeled 2.jpg

Custom wheeled 3.jpg

Custom wheeled 1.jpg

Calder Roller extended.jpg

This deep briefcase will be fitted with removable leather file holders. The internal width and height will be the same as our standard laptop case 40 x 28 cm.

Custm brfcse side.jpg

Custm brfcse closed.jpg

Custom brc open.jpg

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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Calder AirLift internal dimensions

These images show how the MacBook Air fits into the Calder AirLift and for comparison the Air inside our standard laptop case.

Both the MacBook Air and 13" MacBook fit the AirLift case. The dimensions of the Air are 324 x 227 x 17.8mm; and the 13" MacBook measures 325 x 227 x 24 mm. The internal dimensions of the AirLift are 300 x 235 x 39 mm.

The AirLift is designed for those who want an ultra compact case to match the slim lines of the Air. As with all our cases crush protection is provided by the carbon fiber shell. Shock protection is provided by a 7mm layer of leather covered foam which lines the case.

Small laptop w air.jpg

Small laptop w Air xsect.jpg

For comparison here is how the Air fits into our standard laptop case which has internal dimensions of 400 x 286 x 60 mm.
The larger size of the standard case means that we can supply clients with a removable leather covered high density foam suspension unit which provides very substantial protection from shock. With the suspension unit installed this case will protect a laptop from a 4 foot drop onto concrete.

St case w air.jpg

St briefcase top.jpg

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