Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Violin case wabi sabi

I've written before about my enthusiasm for Wabi Sabi, the aesthetic of Zen Buddhism. Wabi Sabi is an expression of the transience of all things on this earth, and places objects that shows signs of age and use in high regard.

Here's a lovely old violin case that hit the button for me at Mondo Musica in Bologna last year. I hope my cases will end up looking as fine as this.

Old violin case


Blogger xRedlionx said...

This brings a lot of memories from my grampa he used to have one of those, jeje
anyways you're red violin case seems great, I'm reconstructing one, old made of wood the my dad was gonna trow away and even tho it's old I like it a lot, it's useless now but after a few touches here and there it
will be new again, jeje well your'ers look great the magnet holder I like a lot something néw I haven't seen before^^ hope I can afford one

9:55 AM  

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