Friday, October 07, 2005

Our new Profile

I've changed my profile - the photograph of our early hard case model has been replaced by my recent sketch of how the Calder Ultra gig bag will look.

As we are now focussing all our efforts on two gig bag models which will look very similar it made more sense to have these are our flagship image.

The hardcase prototype has been a great door-opener - people seeing our concept in a working 3D version have been impressed and excited. So I'm a little sad to be closing the door on that chapter of our development. But the new gig bag based concepts I believe are the right route to follow.


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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Calder Guitar Case Story Ch 23 Do You Like Shoulder Straps?

The driving force behind our design is making some that works well for guitarists.
That's why I post questions about features we're developing - so we get your input - we understand how you use gig bags.

So I have some questions about shoulder straps for the Calder Ultra and Standard gig bags - gratitude in advance to those of you who take the time to comment.

Here are the questions (and I'd be happy to hear any other ideas you have about shoulder straps/carrying gig bags).

1. Are shoulder straps essential to your use of a gig bag?
2. Do you use shoulder straps most of the time ?
3. Do you use the handle most and straps occasionally?
4. If you use straps do you mostly use both straps
5. Do you mostly use one strap on one shoulder ?
6. Does it bother you that the straps are untidy and dangle when not in use? (I hate this - but maybe you all don't mind danling straps?)
7. Would you prefer a bag with a zipped compartment that the straps go into when not in use ?
8. Some bags have a single shoulder strap that runs along the top side of the gig bag - this allows you to carry the guitar under your arm. I've tried this and it seems quite convenient - and you don't have those dam bulky straps flapping around. Does this sound a good idea to you?

Look forward to reading your replies.

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Calder Guitar Case Story Ch 22 Gig Bags Development

October 05

The hard case which has been the focus of much of our work is on hold while we focus on developing two gig bags - the Calder Ultra and the Calder Standard (working titles).

Barry Noble and I are beavering away on the detail of the Ultra - a gig bag with a carbon fibre inner shell...Its looking good and I've got some local government funding which will pay for Barry's development work.

Finding a company that can make the fabric outer skin for the Ultra is proving tricky. Seems that in the UK there are very few companies making rucksacks or anything like a gig bag - everyone has shifted production to the Far East. And that means getting hold of groovy hi tech fabrics is difficult - 'cos the production of these materials has all moved East as well.

The US has more going on - there is the very wonderful Tom Bihn company that make rucksacks and other useful bags and hip west coasters Timbuk2 which make messenger bags in LA - though I see some of their new products are being made in China. So it may be I will get the Ultra exterior covers made in the US...

The Calder Standard gig bag is still in development with Stirling Moulding up in the N of England - I should have some samples soon...but they are busy as hell and its hard getting hold of the boss and when I do hard to get a sense of when my work will get done.

category: early development

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