Thursday, March 13, 2008

Calder AirLift for MacBook Air: first view

Here's our latest design - the AirLift edition laptop case for the MacBook Air. The Air slips underneath a lip at the rear and front of the case which holds it in place.

I'll be posting these and more shots on the main website shortly.

Airlift side compressed.jpg

AirLift2 top full compressed.jpg

AirLift2 side rev compressed.jpg

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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Keith Richards' Louis Vuitton guitar case

After 3 years developing a guitar case fit for the finest guitars it was a suprise to come across Annie Leibovitz striking image of Keith Richards with a Louis Vuitton guitar case casually by his side.

My first reaction was shock - there was a giant on my patch. And then disappointment - I have a great regard for Mr Richards and have harboured a dream that one day he might have one of my cases.

And I was disconcerted because I'd planned a very similar sort of image for my marketing - my case off center in a cool location with musicians. My idea had been for a working environment - recording studio - bar - with smoke and drink and musicians' mess.

And thinking along those lines the LV image begs all kinds of questions. Why is there no smoke and booze ? The whole thing is so sedate - Mr Richard looks intense - with a cup of coffee ? And why an unplugged electric guitar ? Yes I've played my electric unplugged in hotel rooms but that's because I'm a polite Englishman and not a rock legend.

All that said I take comfort that the LV work gives credence to the notion that truly great musicians and truly great guitars deserve exceptional cases - I'll drink to that.

Keith LV .jpg

Here's a reminder of what the Calder guitar case looks like

Calder electric closed

There are more shots of our case on the Calder website and here on this blog.

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Developing AirLift edition for MacBook Air

Here's the system we've developed for holding the MacBook Air - a simple leather covered foam lip at the top and bottom of the interior.

Calder  AirLift dev 1

Calder AirLift 2

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