Sunday, May 22, 2005

Tech design drawings - like the look?

To give you some more views of the case currently in development here are some tech drawings - most of the lines you see will not appear on the case - they are to show where there are changes in radii and other techy things.

Does design grab you? Would you like to carry your guitar in this case? Would you like that it is so totally unlike any other case?

Can you see any problems with the shape ? Would it load easy when you're gigging?

Tell us what you thing - we want your input to make this case a real co-creation product.

Hard line draw pl and elev f r

Hard case line frm front ab f r

Hardcase line from above  behnd f r

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Blogger Santa Cruz Stand In said...

Your design is breath taking. The only things I typically carry in my hardshell guitar case (for a Telecaster) are a slide, a spare set of strings, the strap, some picks, and, if I'm going to a lesson), one of those thing books of blank tab pages.

I'm not a professional, touring player. I do spend time travelling on business and would love to take my guitar with me for trips lasting longer than three or four days. That requires that the guitar be able to fit in overheard storage (assuming I'm one of the first on the plane and can hog some overhead storage) or I have to check it and hope that baggage handlers aren't the kind you see in the old Samsonite commercials.

Alternately, I'll drive where I'm going and I'd need to fit the guitar behind the seats of my MR2 or carry a small amount of luggage that would fit with the guitar in the small rear trunk.

I like the Fender hardshell molded cases because they handle Strats and Teles. My plan is to evetually pick up a Gretsch in the next few months, but I figure there's no way anyone can design a "one size fits all" case.

Your design is tremendously eye catching and I really think it will get attention. Granted, some of it might be from TSA security, but that's the risk we run.

I look forward to seeing how this progresses.


3:01 AM  
Blogger Nick Comer-Calder said...

Jim - thanks for your appreciative comments and insights into how you use a hardcase. My guess is there are many other players out there that have the same desire to carry the guitars in something really strong and easy to handle.

As our cases are pretty compact - certainly compared to rectangular cases and look more like cool luggage I hope they will be easy to carry on flights. But some people will want to check them in and that's why we 've put so much effort into finding really high performance materials like CURV and MFT which will withstand the rigours of the worst baggage handlers. Our cases are good to the eyes AND tough as hell.

Our case will take about 20+ popular guitars but the Gretsch is a tough one as the body is deep and if it has a Bigsby then its a real challenge. So for the time being I can't guarantee it will fit the Calder case.

I wonder if you might also be interested in the gig bag - there's a post about that - less protection than the hard case but much more than most other gig bags we can find.

2:31 PM  

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