Friday, October 07, 2005

Our new Profile

I've changed my profile - the photograph of our early hard case model has been replaced by my recent sketch of how the Calder Ultra gig bag will look.

As we are now focussing all our efforts on two gig bag models which will look very similar it made more sense to have these are our flagship image.

The hardcase prototype has been a great door-opener - people seeing our concept in a working 3D version have been impressed and excited. So I'm a little sad to be closing the door on that chapter of our development. But the new gig bag based concepts I believe are the right route to follow.


Calder blog homepage
Calder website homepage


Blogger Luan said...

Hi Nick
I was going through your blog and I must say your stuff is very impressive!!! I guess a lot of work goes in right from designing these bags to the final outcome.
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