Thursday, July 02, 2009

The small details: Bell & Ross inspirational screw heads

The leather and stainless steel handle is a key feature of Calder cases. In the early prototypes the screws attaching the handle to the body of the case were covered by leather but I soon decided they should be visible. Showing the screw heads was more in line with my sense that honest design makes the structural elements visible rather than hidden.

Being an obsessive owner/designer I then had to find the most perfect quality screws. I was spurred on in this quest by the exceptional elegance of the screws on Bell & Ross wristwatches.

Finally, in the last few weeks, I've found a small English engineering shop who will make screws of the quality I want. These are shots of the samples they sent me (I'll be using a 3mm cross head screw, much smaller than either of these) and a shot of a Bell & Ross in acknowledgment of the inspiration I took from them.



Bell and Ross CU


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi,did you find your precision screw maker? I am an instrument developer based in UK and am looking for a specialist. Can you let me know name of company. Thanks, Stefan Cartwright .

10:13 PM  

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