Tuesday, July 06, 2010

From guitars to violins - bringing together opposites

The Calder project started with my love of guitars and fine luggage and turned into a major quest to produce cases that were worthy of truly great instruments.

My associate Angus Noble - all round unsung genius builds violins and he pointed me towards making cases for these exquisite instruments as well. So far as I can tell this makes Calder the only outfit making high end cases for both classical and rock musicians.

This is an interesting place to be - the two worlds seem very different. But despite the contrast between the formality of classical music and the looseness of rock/blues/folk there is a common passion for music and creativity.

I hope that our work will bring a little of the wildness of rock into the classical world and a touch of classic suaveness to the rockers.

The red violin case we're working on will I think be a first - generally violin cases don't go into fierce colours. The idea of making an outrageously red case for such a formal instrument appeals to me. I've had encouragement from luthiers and other case makers so I'm looking forward to the reaction from musicians.

Calder REd violin top w

Calder REd violin down w

Calder REd violin op down


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