Sunday, May 22, 2005

Calder gig bag - thermoformed for protection

We want to create a gig bag that has all the convenience soft bags have over hard cases but at the same time offer some real protection - especially to the strap button and the neck. Here are some more tech drawings showing how might achieve this by creating a thermoformed chassis which would lie along one side of the case.

We've included the same long handle design as on the hard case which allows you to balance the case for any guitar. There will be double shoulder straps on the rear of the bag.

We have not included a huge amount of storage space as most guitarists we've talked to say they don't need loads of storage compartments - just enough for the basics. Would you agree with this?

Does this look good to you? Can see any problems we might have missed?

Gig Bag with thermoformed chassis

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd like to see enough storage space that I could roll up my guitar strap and store it inside the case. But some straps are larger - are wider or have thicker materials than others and so when they're rolled up, you need a compartment big enough to hold it.

I'd also like to see another compartment big enough to store ALL of the following: a small bottle of cleaner and a wipecloth, an extra set of strings, a string winder, a capo (or two), a Photon Light, a finger slide, and a few other things I may not be able to think of right now. I'd like the case to be able to hold all of that so that I don't have to mess with dragging another bag around, and so whereever my guitar goes, the extra things are right there with it inside the case.

9:39 PM  
Blogger Nick Comer-Calder said...

Thanks - that's useful feedback - I had not thought about wider straps or somethng like a Photon Light.

9:35 PM  

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