Friday, December 08, 2006

Calder laptop case suspension system

Here's the results of some work I did today on the laptop case suspension system.

(In production cases the interior and suspension blocks will all be covered with soft cream coloured calf skin.)

As with our guitar cases damage is prevented by holding the laptop very firmly between foam pads.

Unlike guitars and violins, laptops are heavy for their size and have internal parts that can be damaged by shock. Because of this the suspension blocks are made of two densities of foam. The blue foam is relatively soft - a type used in many sports applications. In a severe impact this foam acts as a crumple zone - allowing the laptop to move about 5mm and in so doing absorbing much of the shock. The denser white foam provides a firm support and also absorbs shock.

The cross straps are 12mm thick closed cell foam running under and over the case and secured with velcro.

Laptop and susp

Because level of protection is bulky and may not be needed at all times, the suspension blocks are mounted on a seperate base which can be removed from the case.

Laptop susp

The inside rim of the case is lined with 12mm thick foam which will provide protection from minor jolts and knocks when the suspension system is removed.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Nick

Are any of your laptop cases yet available for purchase?

If so, at what cost?


12:13 PM  
Blogger Nick Comer-Calder said...

Dear Greg

You can see the finished case here

All our cases are made to order. Currently we aim to be ready to ship within 4 weeks or ordering - this timescale may alter as the order book fills up.

The price is GBP 2,300 excluding tax. If you are based inside the EU we would add 17.5% VAT onto that price. If you are outside the EU we do not charge taxes.

Best regards


9:50 PM  

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