Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Calder violin bow holder development

I'm exploring the potential of a new type of bow holder using magnets. This is not simply for the sake of being different, I want to see if I can come up with something that is in keeping with our overall design, which protects the bow, is easy to use and simple to make.

In the first series, the Calder violin bow holder was made entirely of leather with a magnet to hold the bow in place.

Calder violin bow holder 1 o

Calder violin bow holder 1 c

I liked the simplicity of this design and the fact that we were using only leather and a magnet. The downside was size - the holder was twice the size of the traditional Hill type holder. Size is particularly critical in the second series violin case as we have reduced the overall width by about 20%.

Over the last week I've been working on a new arrangement, still using magnets but this time incorporating a small block of wood. Here's a couple of shots the first one shows a rough working model with a magnet sewn into the restraining strap.

Calder violin bow holder 2.0 model 1o

Calder violin bow holder v2.0 model 1c

In the second version the magnet is set at the end of the support block and a strip of metal sewn into leather. The block I used in this second model is way too big because I didn't have a smaller magnet to hand.

Calder violin bow holder 2.0 model 2o

Calder violin bow holder 2.0 model 2c

I'm going to discuss all this with master luther Marco Cappiardi at Mondo Musica in Cremona later this week - it will be interesting to hear what he thinks. I suspect he may tell me that violinists will be happier with the traditional bow holder...


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