Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Calder Guitar Case becomes controversial...

Thanks to Tom at the hot UK blog Music Thing and Peter at the essential Engadget the Calder Guitar Case got a lot of attention the last few days. And the comments showed that we're creating a case that raises passions. Some people hate it '...its looks like a flaccid penis...' Others like it '...I think it looks like a great case...I think it looks kinda interesting...'

I had never imagined the case could cause controvery - at first I was knocked by the force of the language now I'm excited that we now know this is something guitar players feel strongly about - blank indifference would be way worse than furious dislike. As one of my friends emailed me '...innovation is not for everyone....'

Another cool blog that took a shine to the Calder Case is Dominic Muren's thoughfulIDFuel- if you're interested in design check it out.

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