Thursday, June 23, 2005

Calder Guitar Case Story Ch 11 New Logo Development

Sept 04

Asked my friend and whizz designer Matt Wiessler if he would help with the design of website and take a fresh look at the logo.

After a couple of weeks he came round and spread different logos over the floor of my sitting room saying 'tell which you like....' Hard choice - here are some of those I liked first sight.
Trial logos

Matt then said 'ok let me tell you which is one I think you should have...' and picked up this sheet.
Logo trial final001

Matt said he wanted this one cos it was just unlike any other logo - outside of the comfort zone. Once I got the idea I liked it a lot. Many hours of Matt fine tweaking the balance of the logo and the text and here is the final thing.
Final logo

category: early development

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