Monday, June 27, 2005

Day in the life...guitar case designer entrepreneur

Just in case any of you were thinking its just all Nashville, LA and other fancy places in my's a slice of reality.

7.00 woke, cooked breakfast for family.
7.50 argued with my wife about...something...
8.00 found I had left the car lights on so battery flat and its time for school run.
8.01 argue with my wife again.
8.10 clear up breakfast
8.10 Wonderful Francis Porter our web designer came for e-commerce conversation. Enjoyed his calm understanding of his field. Felt sane and intelligent for the hour I was with him.
9.30 Coffee and first cigaratte, chat with 8 year old son Donald who's at home with mumps.
10.30 Spoke with our designer Michael Mailling - we are both amazed by one potential manufactures complete failure to reply to constant mails and voice messages. He's supposed to be running tests with new materials - but we have no idea if tests have been done. He has our prototype mould which I need to send to Italy....What is going on...
11.00-17.00 Writing application for money from UK NESTA Innovations Fund. Hellish detailed form - and that's just the easy one. Online form kept losing data I'd entered...or was I being dumb...never sure.
Distracted by aforementioned son wanting attention.
Distracted by aforementioned wife wanting help with her laptop.
Distracted by delivery man wanting instructions on how to find us.
Distracted by delivery man wanting to deliver something large.
Distracted by need to eat, drink coffee and smoke.
17.00 Start to cook risotto - always a major saga
19.00 Exhausted from tired hungry kids (Don's twin sister Hattie how home) and cooking eat fast, drink red wine.
20.00 Clear up kitchen.
20.30 Mow lawn until dusk
21.30 Back to study to deal with emails etc

Now 23.36 and that's it for today...exciting...

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